What is forbidden Riba or Alriba?

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Oct 23, 2015
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WHICH FORM OF RIBA IS PROHIBITEDM? Riba in Arabic literally means increase, gain or profit on money loaned. No where in Quran Riba is prohibited. The word used in Quran is Al-Riba (2:275). This is a proper noun pointing out to something not just riba. The question is which form of riba is then partcularized as Al-riba. If Quran is to be read with reference to the context then we must find out as to what were the circumstance under which increase, gain or profit on money loaned was prohibited? Examin Let us examination of e a few verses of Quran encapsulating the word Al-Riba in verse 2:275. Reading verse 2:272 to 2:280 we find that the issue discussed in these verses is, helping the poor deserving charity. Explaining how to help a poor, Allah says “ help them by way of charity and if you cannot help them by charity, then give them loan and charge no usury. Such people may not be able to pay back the loan in time. If so, give them more time or remit the loan as charity. The debtor being discussed here is the poor deserving charity. (2/272-280) Amazingly, every where in Qur’an, Al-Riba is contrasted with Charity. This obviously means over charging on loans to people deserving charity is prohibited. It has nothing to do with trading and commercial loans. Allah knows better.