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Apr 20, 2014
I am a female child born into a very poor family in a poor part of the world. I never asked to be born into the third world. My parents both belong to the labor class who earned the equivalent of £2 per day. When I was 5, my parents managed to raise the fees required and I went to a local primary school in which children sat on the floor and were educated in the basics. One day I came home and learnt that my dad had been injured while working on some machinery and had lost his job. My mum told me that I could no longer go to school as there was no money for my school fees and expenses. She needed me to help her look after my dad and do the house chores so that she could go out to work in other people’s homes as a maid servant to earn money for the family. After a few weeks, she told me to go out and beg as we can’t make ends meet. I start begging in a neighboring town and initially I find it very hard to beg for money. Then I see other children begging and gradually pick up the courage to start begging. I don’t have any shoes or slippers on my feet. A passerby questions me about my lack of footwear. I tell him that my parents are too poor to buy me any. He gives me the equivalent of £1 and tells me to go buy a pair of shoes. This is more than I would have made in one day, so I go home early. I give the money to my mum, who is pleased and gets me a cheap pair of slippers to wear. I go back to the same place every day now wearing slippers. I think of other children from rich families who go to school and do not have to beg. I do think of God sometimes, but then I think, He must be only for the rich and powerful. I don’t see any end to my and my family’s suffering. Am I equal to other human beings? If I am equal, why don’t they do something for children like me who live in perpetual poverty and die in the same state? Questions: 1. Why is this child in this position 2. What permanent values are applicable here