Islamic Dawn Society/ Bazam London Meeting Sunday 2 Mar 2014

Excellet Meeting!

Matters Discussed:

  • Why we are failing as an organisation:
  • failer to get message accross
  • failer to attact younger members
  • failer to ask the right/current questions
  • failer to address real issues (rich/poor)
  • How to send the right message


Able to be fearless

  • Membership low
  • Donations low: how we can lesson form other societies (alcohol anonymous, members pay 1 pound)
  • Checks and balance on donations
  • What are the goals of our funds
  • Promote the Quranic message, not the name
  • Alternative system to socialism
  • Funds from older members
  • Part time results in partial results
  • Look how other organizations raise money
  • Look at muhammads example
  • Use Meetup for meetings



Question Asked

  • What books are being published?
  • Cost of Books?
  • Cost of Translations?
  • Can we apply the Quranic Rules to our self?
  • What is the message?
  • Can we get new volunteers?
  • Is there personality cult ?
  • Do we need to do deep research?
  • Can we do critical thinking on our ideas?
  • How do we implement what we say?
  • Do we need to examine our core values?
  • Do our ideas stand the test of time?


Next Meeting

For Young People



Urgent request to all London Bazam (Islamic Dawn Society) to attend meeting on Sunday  2nd March 2014!

  Everyone Welcome!

  It's Free!

  2.30 start

  Knowledge House
  93 Katherine rd
  East Ham
  E6 1EW



Event Date: 
Sunday, March 2, 2014 - 14:30 to 16:30
Knowledge House
93 Katherine rd
East Ham
E6 1EW
United Kingdom