Human Self – Its Development and the Quran

Meet to Learn, Share, and Grow 

We would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting.  Hope you managed to understand the gist of the meeting i.e. the issues of the human self, values, concept, accountability,  and the Quran. 

I have enclosed the following for your info:

  • Presentation on the human self

  • Hand outs on the permanent values, IDS and the scenarios

I will be grateful if you could spare some time and comment on the following:

  • Any suggestion on the meeting format e.g. presentations, scenarios, sub-group discussion, open forum, etc

  • Topics to be covered in the future e.g. Concept of the hereafter, Self development, Human emotions, Human thinking, Theories on human self, Economic system, Concept of Iman, The Quranic Models,  Righteous deeds, etc

  • Venue e.g Birmingham

  • Any contributions to pay for the meeting

Our view is that for refreshments we should have simpler options e.g. early afternoon start with no lunch. Some simple drinks should do. The aim is to explore the Quranic message as much as possible in minimum possible time and with minimum cost.
Please also visit the web site and put in the log in details and start using it. We will explore the possibility of webinar for short presentations e.g. 60 minutes. 
As I said in the presentation, there is an infinite world within us which requires exploring further in the light of the Quran to provide more options to our free will. This will help us to understand our other equal  fellow human beings.  Being other focused and operating at the Self level will make us understand the human issues much better.  This will also make us comfortable and understanding without getting emotive - knowledge gives us power and the Quranic knowledge gives infinite understanding to look beyond the world in which we live...... hope we are ready to explore it together.....

Once again thanks for attending it - please remember the meeting was for each one of us to look beyond our own self.

Take care
Lots of salam

Ejaz Rasool
Glasgow, UK




Meet to Learn, Share, and Grow 

An opportunity to get together and discuss the permanent values and their application in the light of the Quran  

Entry Cost : £ 5.00 per person (Children under the age of 16  free)

Family & Friends Welcome


Iqbal's Banqueting Suite, 

19a Birch Lane,

Longsight, Manchester,

M13 0NW

 (rear of Bangladesh Community Centre)


Time: 10:30 – 15:00






Ejaz Rasool



Iftikhar Ahmed



Naeem Sadiq



Dr.  Shah Riaz



Tahir Mutee Rehman








 10.30 – 11.00  Registration

  •  Human self development: general concept, Quranic view, free will and its limitations, attributes of the self. 
  • IDS web site development: access and use, articles, news, journal, Q&A, etc. 
  • The concept of God as modelled in the Quran – how can this be used as a model for the development of one’s own self. 
  •  Permanent values – definition and significance.
  •  Why some people find it hard to come to the Quran.  

Lunch Break

  •   Scenarios – two scenarios from daily life experiences will be presented for discussion. Participants will be divided into small groups of 8-10. A list of permanent values will be provided to all at the start of the meeting which will be used to discuss these scenarios. 
  • Question & Answer session – interactive session as an open forum. Some guidance will be provided to confine the questions within the topics presented earlier. Any other questions can be dealt with through the web site and via e-mails.
  • Conclusion – future meetings and  agendas / issues.




This meeting has been organised with a view to discuss the Permanent Values as explained in the Quran.  The Quran asks us to think and reflect on our own creation and on the creation around us with a view to come to an understanding and conclusion about the purpose of our lives. As humans we have a unique ability to think about our thinking processes which is also known as meta cognition and this enables us to make choices and decisions which affect our lives. We also possess a  memory where we store thoughts, information, decisions, experiences etc and this helps us to develop our personality or ‘self’ which is what defines us at any point in time.  The Quran states that there are two books which we require in order to live our lives in this world:  the ‘book’ of physical sciences which we discover as part of our pursuit to gain knowledge about the world around us including our own body and the other book, the Quran, which is provided to us as a revelation i.e. as an external guidance for our inner ‘Self’, for our spiritual and moral growth.  


About the meeting

The session is suitable for those who are interested to find out about the Quran as a book of guidance.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the meeting participants will:

  • Have an understanding of the human ‘self’ and its relationship with emotions, meta-cognition and memory.
  • Learn the significance of the Quran in the development of the human ‘self’.  
  • Understand the importance of ‘free will’ and its need for an external source of guidance.
  •  Learn about some of the permanent values and their application.
  • Learn about the significance of the concept of God as explained in the Quran.


Learning Methods

Lecture, Q&A, examples from daily life:

  • Scenario – discussion in small groups
  •  Q&A forum
  • Value analysis – for future meetings



Future Meetings: the participants will be invited to forward suggestions for the format of the future meetings, any topics of interest, venues, funding for the meetings, IT support.

(NB: Training in the future for the younger members will be included in the agenda for discussion and suggestions)


Event Date: 
Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 10:30 to 15:00
Iqbal's Banqueting Suite
19a Birch Lane
M13 0NW
United Kingdom