If two men (or two women) are guilty of lewdness, give them suitable punishment. (The punishment has not been prescribed by the Quran). But if there exists a possibility of their correction, the court in its own opinion can forgive them. (4:16) Those two men who commit such shameful act, should be suitably punished; but if they show penitence, reform and mend their ways, they should be forgiven. There is room for forgiveness in the Divine Law (which in most cases becomes a blessing in checking crimes)."

The word in this verse is a masculine gender (i.e. two men) but by deduction it can also be "two women"; that is why we have included it in the heading above (which means two lesbian women. The Holy Quran has described homosexuality as the most hateful act in verses (7:81) and (27:55). This highlights the fact that such sexual acts are a crime.

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