#Immodest actions





a) Do not go near lewdness (immodesty), open or hidden; (6:152) and (7:33). Do not ever get close to immodesty either in thought or in action, be it open or secret.

b) The circulation of talks regarding acts of immodesty is prohibited. It is a crime to do so: (24:19) "Remember! Those who wish to propagate talks of lewdness among the believers, will have a grievous penalty in this life and in the life Hereafter. Allah knows (how destructive are such acts,) and you know not."

This includes all acts and means which cause diffusion of actual immodesty or thoughts about it.

c) There is room for forgiveness if those who commit such acts and mend their ways: (3:134) "Those of the believers, who commit an indecency, or having wronged themselves (or others) due to oversight or a slip, do not 

persist with it and earnestly revert to Allah for forgiveness: by so doing they save themselves from the harmful effects of their wrongdoings. As a matter of fact, nothing can save them from the harmful effects of wrongdoings except turning towards the Divine Law."

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