About Us




  • We are a Think Tank.
  • Th organization performs research and advocacy concerning topics such as social policy, political strategy,economics, technology, and culture. 
  • We are are a non-profit organization.


  • To promote the understanding of the Quranic Guidance with a view to help people to consider the higher purpose of life.
  • To provide information on  human self-development as outlines and modelled in the Quran.
  • To provide a platform to  answer any questions from individuals who wish to explore  Quranic Guidance.
  • To promote critical thinking and research based on the Quranic permanent values with a view to find optimum solutions to human problems and issues.
  • To motivate and energise people and to enable people to think positively in the light of the Quran.
  • To spread the Quranic message in multiple languages and to promote it to a younger generation.
  • To provide an alternative view of  life as explained in the Quran i.e. that life does not end with death and that there is a Self within us which has the ability to continue to develop and can  survive the shock of death and be able to move on to the next life for further development.



  • To organise local meetings with a view to promote local interaction and discussion of  issues within the permanent values of the Quran.
  • To answer any questions posted on the web site in the light of the Quranic guidance. This includes on line discussions.
  • To post articles on the web site based on the Quranic values to help people to think, reflect and reason on the issues of life.
  • To hold regular webinars on various aspects of the Quranic guidance.
  • To give presentations on various aspects of the permanent values to help people to apply these in their lives.
  • To discuss real life scenarios with a view to finding alternative solutions in the light of the permanent values.
  • To organise fund raising for the good causes in the developing world.